"Having taken the Wizard In Me Workshop has changed not only my perspective of myself, but my viewpoint of others on a daily basis.  When you are confident in yourself, you begin to see it all around you. One of the best choices I’ve made was to register for this workshop."


Carolyse W. Evans

Social Work Administrator

"This was the best leadership workshop I've attended in my 31 year career.  The positive collaboration within the unit is evident since the workshop."

Lenard Williams, Lieutenant 

Richmond Fire Department 

Richmond, VA

"I am a nurse and the Wizard In Me workshop has allowed me to always be present for all my patients and co-workers. Patients and families always remember the type of care they have received from me, telling me that it is different than any other care they have received. It has helped me to understand myself so much better, and the application of principles has been effective in most of my relationships. I understand the group dynamics in my family, meetings and girlfriends' circle as well. This workshop is the best gift I have given to myself, with enduring principles that keep on giving."


Enid Holland RN, B.S.N, M.Ed 

Senior Radiology Nurse 

Thomas Jefferson University Hospital 

Philadelphia, PA

"My life was full of accomplishments, but I never had the time to be discouraged because each achievement was based on something I had to do for my job, my family, or my organization.  Pursuing my Ph.D. was an idea I chose to take on with no consequences should I fail. But, being subsumed by The Wizard in Me Workshops gave me the encouragement that I had never received in my lifetime. Me telling me that I could accomplish the goal of sustaining nine years of attending one course a semester was powered by a strength that was fueled by subconscious reminders that I was capable of meeting any obstacle, capable of achieving any goal, capable of sustaining a potential that I never quite realized I had.  Born and reared in a corner of the world that had no expectations for its residents, The Wizard In Me sessions gave me the knowledge to chip at the armor that had been designed for all residents of the South Bronx.  I am indebted to Cheryl J. Williams’ The Wizard in Me Workshop for the shift in my life."


Peace and Blessings,

Shirley Basfield Dunlap, Ph.D.

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